Weapons of Mass Destruction  

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WMD will be playing at Art Interactive Gallery in Cambridge, Massachusetts as part of the closing party for the Glowlab: Open Lab exhibition. There will be live music in the gallery all afternoon, with the party from 6-8pm. More info on the lineup to follow. AI is at 130 Bishop Allen Drive, red line to Central Square. [directions ]

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livesummerrain - Live from the WMD rehearsal studios, an improvisational set where we start out fooling around with a riff given to us by Seth Pybas and in the end, to our surprise, find ourselves singing one of our favorite numbers, summerrain.

abstractboys - What's the genre? Ambient tech-rock? Wall-of-sound guitars from a song we used to sing a lot, gone feral.

california - Highway overpass logical romance

iwannafall - A popular song, covered, de- and re-constructed into something completely different

fire - Another rezoned pop song, on the edge of recognizable

- Very little happens, and then less than that, for as long as possible, while the trains of Berlin go by overhead

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Weapons of Mass Destruction performing at SubTonic

WMD Composition

sharilyn neidhardt (guitar, vocals, sounds) & sal randolph (laptop, vocals, field recordings, sounds)

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wmd [at] highlala [dot] com

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Illegal Weapons Caches

this - we do this blown open cover song in our live performances - here's a 24 minute version from a rehearsal set this april. warning: this file is a big 34 mb download

toxicology - bootleg cover of a megahit

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